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Vape Mods VS. Vape Pens

When deciding whether to purchase a vape pen or vape mod, the choices can seem daunting. There are so many great options available, so you have to determine what best fits your needs. To help you make your choice, let’s explore the difference between vape mods and vape pens.

About Vape Pens

Vape pens are a type of eCigarette that are about the size of a beefy pen. They have decent battery life, typically lasting about a full day, depending on the type of pen you buy and how much you use it. 

Vape pens come with refillable tanks, which makes them cost efficient. They give plenty of vape volume, so you can get plenty of vapor in one puff. 

About Vape Mods

Vape mods are also known as mechanical vape mods. They are larger than a vape pen, so they aren’t as common. However, the large body allows for much more power. Vape mods produce more vapor that standard vape pens, which allows for an improved throat hit and stronger juice flavor. 

Major Differences of Vape Mods & Vape Pens

The two major difference between vape pens and vape mods are the size and strength. 

Vape mods are much larger than vape pens. For this reason, vape pens are typically preferred by daily vapers. Their smaller size makes vape pens easier to carry around for people who puff throughout the day. Many people say vape mods are too bulky for daily use. 

If size is not a concern, then vape mods are likely for you. Since vape mods are larger, they create stronger hits. This is great for people who vape only occasionally, or those with a high tolerance. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Vape Pen

When searching for the right vape pen, you need to consider your vaping habits. How often do you vape, and how strong of a throat hit do you like?

If you like to vape multiple times a day in place of smoking, then a lightweight pen is the best choice for you. The Atmos RX Complete Kit is a great product to start out with, because it is perfect for dry herbs, waxes, and eLiquids. 

If you want a strong hit that is full of flavor, a Mod is more up your alley. The i40TC Mini Box Mod Kit is small enough to carry around; but don’t let its stature fool you – this vape mod is full of power. 

Once you find your perfect vaporizer with Atmos, you can vape feeling sure about your purchase. All of our rechargeable products are backed with a five-year limited warranty. Simply keep your receipt, and we will have your back. To be part of the program you must register your AtmostRX Vaporizer online. 


What does MOD stand for vape?

MOD is short for “modified e-cigarette” and may also be called an APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer).
Another common acronym is AEMSA, or The Association of American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards.

What is the difference between vape mod and vape pen?

Vape mods are larger, more complicated and produce more vapor than pens. If you are new to vaping or vape very little, a vape pen is usually recommended, while those with more experience may choose to upgrade to a vape mod. Vape pens are also significantly less expensive than mods.

How does a mod vape work?

All vape devices operate via a lithium battery to heat a wire coil. E-Liquid is transferred via a wick to the coil, where it is heated into a vapor that can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. What sets mods apart is their level of customization, their size and their lifespan.

How do you mod a vape?

Modding a vape involves exacting control over voltage, wattage and the various components. It is not recommended for beginners. You should only mod vapes that are designed for it.

Are Box Mods better than vape pens?

Box mods are preferred by seasoned vapers who care about throat hit, power, and vapor volume. They are more work to maintain and typically more expensive. Whether a box mod is better for you depends on your own tastes and needs.

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